Sisters Pure Cover – Collaboration with Dubai Foundation for Women & Children

Sisters Pure Cover – Collaboration with Dubai Foundation for Women & Children

by The Grooming Company

Sisters Beauty Lounge, the UAE’s homegrown leading beauty destination for over 19 years, is proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking hair color service, ‘Sisters Pure Cover.’ With a profound commitment to purity, protection, and power, Sisters Pure Cover is set to redefine the standards of hair color services, offering guests an unparalleled experience in beauty and philanthropy.

The core campaign message, “Pure. Protected. Powerful,” underscores the unique qualities that set Sisters Pure Cover apart from traditional hair coloring options.

Sisters Pure Cover is now available at all Sisters Beauty Lounge locations, inviting guests to experience a new era of hair color that is as pure and powerful as it is socially conscious.

In a remarkable display of social responsibility and local community engagement, Sisters Beauty Lounge has partnered with ‘Dubai Foundation for Women & Children’, the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE. For every Sisters Pure Cover service availed, AED 10 will be generously donated to the foundation. Additionally, SISTERS guests have the opportunity to make voluntary donations at checkout, contributing to the well-being and empowerment of women and children supported by the Dubai Foundation for Women & Children.

HE Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director General of DFWAC, said: “In light of the challenges our societies confront in combating domestic violence, this cooperation signifies not just our shared concerns but also our shared commitment to enacting positive and tangible changes.”

Sisters Beauty Lounge is not just an award-winning beauty destination; it stands as a symbol of female empowerment and inclusivity. With a diverse team of over 200 women hailing from different corners of the world, Sisters Beauty Lounge celebrates the strength, talent, and resilience of women.

This empowerment extends beyond the salon’s walls, inspiring other women to break barriers, challenge norms, and make a lasting impact.

When women come together, they can create a force of change that transcends boundaries and uplifts communities, ultimately redefining the standards of female success and empowerment.

“Sisters Pure Cover is a testament to our commitment to both beauty and social responsibility” says Mette Hauxthausen, Managing Director at Sisters Beauty Lounge.”

Our diverse team of over 200 inspiring women are not only hard working professionals but also mothers and wives that highlight the essence of what we call our Sisterhood. In Collaboration with Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, we have a mission to amplify awareness, to assure that not only our Sisterhood but that the women in the UAE are not only seen and heard but also protected. Our campaign highlights purity, empowerment and protection for women. Through this initiative we hope to empower women to raise their voices and in doing so receive the vital funds needed that will support the incredible work DFWAC do”.