by The Grooming Company

The brand-new SISTERS Beauty Lounge Mall of Emirates opened its door in August to a bustling queue of clients – from existing customers who have always loved the ultimate 360 pampering experience at SISTERS to new clients immersing themselves in a world of luxury pampering like no other.

Located on the 1st floor opposite Sephora, from the moment you pass by the location you will notice it’s not like any other beauty lounge. There is no front desk reception or que, it’s an open space filled with countless hair and beauty products just waiting to be picked.

The reason why there is no front reception is because SISTERS integrated technology with comfort by introducing a brand new contactless, self-check-in system when you enter the lounge. This means you can directly walk in and start your service without waiting time which you essentially get at any salon when you check in to start your treatments.

You enter inside salon through their gorgeous LED filled ‘tunnel of pamper’, covered in Mediterranean inspired tiles to give the feeling of escape. SISTERS is also the one salon in Mall of Emirates that allows natural air to come in through its ventilating systems, that means you don’t feel like you’re tucked away in an AC filled room.

From the rose gold S details to the bold round mirrors and pastel pink tones across the branch, the salon stands out as soon as you enter inside, firstly there are 2 sanitisation stations (one when you enter and one between the treatment rooms) as reminder of the importance of hygiene and safety.

Re-enforcing its 360-luxury destination, the best part of the new location is its 360 pamper chairs which you can find across all the hair and nail stations – these chairs are ideal for either the woman on the go or a client who wants to get multiple services done in one session.
The multi-use stations allow clients to do multiple services at once – from nails, hair, lashes, brows and more! You now don’t need to move around the salon to get all your services done but rather relax in your chair and be pampered to perfection in one go.


The client journey at Sisters starts from the moment you are seated in your chair, where you are first offered a warm or cold drink of your choice – you certainly can’t go wrong with their hot chocolate or cappuccino, paired with a Sisters chocolate and biscuit, you are being indulged even before you start your service.

Before every service all therapists and stylists have their unique glam books which is integrated in their client consultation – the Glam books is shown through the SISTERS iPad or if you prefer contactless then you can scan the QR code on your phone. The glam book for hair allows the client so see the different types of haircuts and colors that would suit a face shape, skin tone etc.  Similarly, they have a SISTERS glam book for nails and lashes which goes in to detail on different types of shapes and styles.

Another unique feature of SISTERS is their private rooms which is covered in star lights on the ceiling (similar to the ceiling at Emirates Airline 1st class seating) It’s like you’re checking in to zone out in the ultimate pamper experience, the dim lights – soft music and comfortable beds makes it impossible for a client not want to spend an hour or two getting a massage / facial.

Sisters Beauty Lounge brings a team of expert international stylists, therapists, consultants and technicians who ensure an impressive experience in a modern, luxurious, and spacious setting. With trend and innovation in its DNA, Sisters is the one-stop-shop for all 360 luxury pampering.